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03 December 2014 02:54 PM

Jakarta Or West Jawa Still Undecided


DKI Jakarta and Jawa Barat still neck in neck for the overall position of Pre World Rafting Championship 2014 in Citarik river,  Sukabumi District, West Jawa Province, Indonesia. After struggling through rapids in 3 river running discipline, their over all point differentiate by 24 points.


The elite team from Indonesia has a long history rivalry. On all the three rafting discipline their closely tied. On the second day the difference is only 5second with DKI ahead. Total Slalom time for DKI was 5 minute 3second, while West Jawa was 5 minute 08 second. In third place  was Central Jawa with total time of 5minute 16second.


In the female slalom race the girls from North Sulawesi succeeded to a better result. They finished second to DKI Jakarta.  North Sulawesi took  11minutes 18second. This result came as a surprise as North Sulawesi girls finished last on yesterday Head to Head Race. Most of North Sulawesi team are newbie in the national circuit, only two are veteran on national championship. DKI girls are undefeated on all three discipline. They gain top points for all. Overall team is perfect 600 point.